Diaper Skiing

No, this post isn’t going to be about those tykes who go screaming down the ski slopes without poles — or knowing how to stop.

It’s about being careful what you wish for.

Today I was supposed to meet my wildwoman sister-in-law for some hot mountain biking. She lives in So. NH, where there’s no snow, and I live around So. Central Mass., where there’s also no snow. So we try to meet in the middle. Of course we assumed there’d be no snow. Yes, we also consulted NOAA’s snowcover web site to confirm our assumptions that there would be no snow to keep us from riding in Leominster.

We were wrong.

Upon arriving at Leominster State Forest, we were flabbergasted to find … a nice thick base of snow. Damn! The temperature was going into the high 40s today, so we were all set for some muddy but fun biking. The snow was a surprise.

The silver lining was that she had a pair of my cross-country skis in the trunk of her car. She still wanted to ride, so she went home to ride to the gym. I put on the skis and had a fun — and fast — hour of skiing on the sun-warmed snow.*

a brook amid snowy trees in Leominster State Forest

Oh, the diaper part? Yeah … having prepared for biking, I was forced to ski while wearing bike shorts under my sweats. It felt a lot like wearing an adult diaper, but I wouldn’t let that dampen my fun. After all of the whining I’ve been doing (on this blog and to everyone I know) about the premature disappearance of the skiable snow around here, I figured I should just shut up and ski while I had the chance. I’m glad I did.

*my route, which took almost exactly an hour, consisted of leaving the Rocky Pond Road parking area going east on Rocky Pond Road. I turned right onto Hell’s Highway, and right again onto Wolf Rock Road, then left at the intersection of Rocky Pond to return to my car.


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