Skating Away

My apologies to friends who spent yesterday in office buildings (I’m trying to be sincere), but when I went out and felt the warm sun I was compelled to go rollerblading.

My options used to be wide open, allowing me to skim through town for miles, enjoying the vistas. Then the DPW decided to glop disgusting oil and gravel sealer on everything, ruining many of the road surfaces. (I’m convinced the stuff is horrible for the environment, but that’s a future post.) There’s one recently paved straight flat road not far away that I can still use, though peak traffic sometimes spoils my fun. Imagine my excitement when I discovered this sign at the end of the street:

sorry, but I had to go rollerblading

How did I get so lucky? This meant I didn’t have to worry about SUV mamas talking on their cell phones while they zipped from their McMansions to town to pick up junior after half-day Kindergarten. I could sing ALOUD with Pandora and nobody would complain or laugh. And I could even practice those moves I’ll use someday when I’m bikini skating on the Venice Beach boardwalk (oops, did I really write that??).

One of the benefits of living in a small town (aside from listening to your teenagers complain about living in a small town) is the pace of life: the DPW hadn’t reopened the road despite it being dry for a few days. It would have been nice if the river had left it clean and free of debris, but I’m not complaining. Any day spent outside is better than one spent feeling your life slip away in cubicle hell.

can you see the snake in this picture??

Of course gliding back and forth on this little strip of heaven couldn’t be completely free of drama and excitement. About 40 minutes into my fun, I noticed a little teensy snake had wiggled up onto the pavement to enjoy the sun. My nerves were steeled when I reassured myself that I was clad in hard plastic halfway to my knees, but that didn’t prevent me from getting the willies every time I saw a stick anywhere on or near the road. And I stopped to put my shoes up on the guardrail in case the snake (or a friend) thought they made a good house.

When I packed up to go, the DPW was just moving the barriers and reopening the road. Made me wonder if I shouldn’t petition the town to close a road or two for non-motorized uses once a week, like Cambridge does with Memorial Drive. It might allow us all remember the joys self-propelled diversions again.



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