Still Trying


I thought we were friends. I mean, I thought I was one of you. I read the web site,  I ride where you ride. So, why did you kick my butt?

When I saw the map for Borderland State Park, I thought I’d give it a shot. The clincher was that there’s a NEMBA trail there. Yesss! Since I can’t seem to connect with actual members of the group to ride together, maybe riding their trail would lend some insight to the group, right?

Well, friends just don’t do this to friends:

yeah, that pile of gravel is a trail

So, it’s fine that you like to work with the natural elements when building a trail. But do you s’pose you might have gone around a rock once in a while? I mean, you go over, and over, and through them when they’re small, but never manage to avoid any rocks. I guess there was some miscommunication here. I’m not a rock fanatic.

I had two choices: rock or walk

There was an awesome whaleback of a rock out there… and lots of wild opportunities… but I’m not really excited about doing an endo, eating my handlebars, and bleeding to death 8 miles from my home. So I walked it through a lot of the rocks. Still, I have to hand it to NEMBA for this beauty:

a stone wall especially for biking

It may be a little hard to make out in the photo, but someone went to a LOT of trouble to create a “stone wall” of flat-ish rocks just so people can ride along the top of it. As cool as I thought it was, I had more than a few VietNam flashbacks to last summer. My biking has improved tremendously, but I’m still missing that masochistic je ne sais quoi that still keeps me from fully embracing this subgenre of biking.

So I explored other parts of the park. It was great: woodland trails, meadow trails, fire roads along the ponds. And actual signs with maps (this should be standardized so I don’t get lost as often!).

in some ways, I wish they could all be like Borderland

So, thanks for a memorable afternoon, NEMBA. Don’t call me, I’ll call you.


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One Response to “Still Trying”

  1. Billy Says:

    As usual, nice job.
    Seems as though you might be my biking speed after all.

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