Biker’s High for $10

Cross this one off my wish list: Kingdom Trails, Vermont. While I usually ramble on about the features and fun, this time I’ll let the photos tell you about the variety of terrain, the stunning views, and the fact that for $10 I got my pick of 35 miles of trails … and for another $10 got a gorgeous campsite not too far away.

Oregon Brook Road campground offers football field-sized tent sites for $10pp. Crazy!

Vast trail is a good introduction to Kingdom Trails, hardpacked and gorgeous

a view from Darling Hill Road... it gets difficult to focus on the trails with this sort of scenery

on Heavens Bench I saw another rider who expressed my thoughts perfectly when she said, "Aren't we lucky??"

if you tired of meadows and scenery, there was always lots of black-diamond riding like Ridge trail

on Sunday I was screaming down Moose Alley when the mud at the bottom reminded me of some law of physics...

It took some work to get to Magill Fields but it was worthwhile

White School trails offered so much, but hosted bands of roving Quebec-eur bikers speaking French

out of the woods and through the corn via White School

after a tough morning on the mountain, a ride along the Passumpsic was a great way to return to E. Burke

I could live here

ready to go back, anytime!


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2 Responses to “Biker’s High for $10”

  1. rendezvouswithsneakers Says:

    how was that campsite? Im thinking of going there next week to ride the trais….- a fellow biker/camper

    • alisonwriter Says:

      The campsite is nice and quiet, incredibly inexpensive ($10 per person/night), owners are friendly and not intrusive. However it’s not too close to Kingdom Trails, like 20+ minutes. I was up there on a very busy weekend so there were few openings anywhere. Have a great time up there. I’m envious!

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