A little problem

My name is Alison. I have a gear habit and it’s gaining on me.

It started with socks. No joke. Once I got turned on to good socks, there was no going back.

Next, I needed new backcountry skis and boots. I learned the pleasures of powerstretch fabrics and I sank deeper. I needed a Thule hitch-mounted bike carrier, clip-in pedals, polarized sunglasses … the more I acquired, the more stuff I needed to feed my habit.

Pretty soon, my sleek little sportscar became a rolling gear locker. I never imagined that it would be full to the windows with camping stuff, biking stuff, water jugs to refill my camelbak and … firewood?? Sure, that was a rather frenetic weekend of camping and mountain biking and working (with luxurious spa-like bathing thanks to the sink in the ladies room at the store), but there’s never a day when I’m not dipping into the back seat for my running shoes, my comfortable after-sport flip-flops, some almonds, my bike helmet…

view of the back seat at the height of my addiction

And where would I have been that day early in the season when having my climbing harness in the car enabled the rescue of a loose halyard that had flown to the top of the mast on the sailboat? I’m sure that wasn’t among its intended uses, but when you don’t have a bosun’s chair handy, you make do. That justifies carting the stuff around, in my opinion.

To the kid who asked for a ride then had the nerve to sniff and say, “Mom, your car is starting to smell … sporty.” I say you should hope to have so much to enjoy about life in 30 years.

Now … I’ve had my eye on that Sprinter Stick to add to my hoard. It’s great for sore hamstrings, calves and even hip flexors. Question is, do I buy two: one for the house and one for the car? Hmmm…

the Sprinter Stick, my next acquisition



One Response to “A little problem”

  1. outdoorninja Says:

    Almonds??? I find that hard to believe.

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