Got me some truck love

Oooh boy, it’s starting: I had  a senior moment.

Driving down a back road, I was blinded again and again by the lights of oncoming cars. WTF?? I thought back to a researcher who told me that people over 40 need 20 TIMES the light to see things that younger people can see. Twenty times?? That can’t be happening to me!!

Then the light dawned:   I was blinded because I was driving my own car for a change. My car, the low profile, sports-car-kinda-car. The one that had been in the shop for the past month (ahem, not naming names but pointing at a kid about 21 years old..).

It had been in the shop because I have had the “have you pissed off a voodoo doctor” sort of luck. This summer the family van got wrecked. Loaned the kids mine. It got wrecked. Got a rental car on Friday the 13th and within hours was calling in a wreck: somebody hit it in a parking lot. Sat for hours in a McDonald’s parking lot waiting for rescue (if you have read my food-related posts, you know that’s like being at the gate of Hell itself).

My fortune improved immensely when the rental company replaced the damaged car with a Nissan pickup. Brand-new. But was it a blessing or another curse? Because it showed me what I’d been missing.. and sometimes that’s scary.



When I climbed into the cab and felt the V8 shoot the truck forward, I was unnerved. The balance was completely different than in my ground-hugging car, but after a few miles I realized it handled wonderfully and was as comfortable as any sedan. Pretty soon I was looking forward to my “test drives” in the truck, including tucking a load of stuff for a friend’s new house in the double cab.  I was up high where I could see around most of the vehicles in front of me, over others’ headlights

I filled that truck many, many times in my trips around the state, moving a pile of stuff here and another there. The last day I had it, I crammed boxes and bags in it until the bed bulged at the seams. Unfortunately, the truck was unable to help me heft those packages into the attic of my next place — a shortcoming not mentioned in testosterone-filled advertisements for the vehicles.

It took some effort to remain unattached but I couldn’t stop daydreaming about how easy it was to toss my bike in the back, to take all of gear with me that I could want .. and someday taking it up north and going anywhere I wanted without getting hung up on back roads where my car could never go. Hmm, maybe in a future life.



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