Rapture not rupture

Everything is cyclical. Spring makes me want to run, summer is bike and swim and paddle, winter is back to the gym and xc ski .. all interspersed with other fun stuff that catches my fancy. Sprinkle in a little snowshoeing, dabble in some kayaking, dream of being close enough to somewhere to do some rock climbing, and mix it all together. Yoga is for when I’ve been overdoing it, like now. My feet hurt from even running on the sandy banks of cranberry bogs, my derailleur is making horrendous noises when I take my bike out and my shoulder is starting to ache nonstop from push-ups. And for the first time in a decade I’ve strained something in my lower back, perhaps that means I should leave building stone walls to the professionals? All are clear signs it’s time to realign life with some yoga. Turning those signs into action is the rub, because it’s not easy to take a day off when it’s your primary form of recreation.

oh yeah, my form looks just like this twig's

oh yeah, my form looks just like this twig’s

After my boutique yoga experience of a couple years ago, I was so excited when I found yoga programs in the OnDemand schedule on the television (that would amaze my kids, who don’t believe I even know how to turn the tube on). Both instructors passed the initial test because neither is one of those unnaturally happy people who gets your thighs burning then chirps, “Breathe through your kneecaps, just five more deep cleansing breaths,” but my hamstrings are still undecided. They’re not into those deep stretches, nevermind YogaWoman’s folding herself in knots then twisting in half. And both of the instructors are into Crow Pose with some sort of flying exit that I really don’t see myself doing even if I commit to yoga for the entire winter. I’m more likely to rupture something than to complete that stunt. But of course I wasn’t content with just doing yoga. Or having an “off day” from working out. I had to make sure I had a backup plan, something reliably painful, preferably combining both yoga and a workout. Glutton.

good just wasn't good enough, it had to be painful too

good just wasn’t good enough, it had to be painful too

My only consolation is that Jillian Michaels is not a twig. Hell, she doesn’t even do the moves, she just stands around telling everyone else what to do. That’s one part of this video I can succeed at.


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