More recess, less restraint

Here’s scientific proof that I’ve become a complete health information NERD (I’m not kidding. In the past I could barely stay awake during science classes but now I find myself completely immersed in stuff like this and always looking for more):

“…the scientists wanted to mark neurons in the animals’ rostral ventrolateral medulla, an obscure portion of the brain that controls breathing and other unconscious activities central to our existence.

The rostral ventrolateral medulla commands the body’s sympathetic nervous system, which among other things controls blood pressure on a minute-by-minute basis by altering blood-vessel constriction. Although most of the science related to the rostral ventrolateral medulla has been completed using animals, imaging studies in people suggest that we have the same brain region and it functions similarly.”


The premise of the article (NYTimes) is really straightforward and simple: being sedentary changes your brain. But they had to torment mice to prove it. We’ve heard so much in recent years about sitting too much and how detrimental that is to our health — it makes me wonder if they tormented video gamers to test that hypothesis.

It’s too bad that we’ve become so detached from our instincts that we need scientific proof to show us being locked in an office or classroom all day is not healthy. That caged animal feeling is all the evidence I need — don’t they call that hyperactivity and give kids drugs to quell that impulse these days?!

This study basically reaffirms the habits of previous generations that spent time outdoors on a regular basis. It and others have connected links between getting a fraction of the exercise than previous generations and our rising rates of breast and colon cancers.

Someday, science and common sense will intersect and someone will take credit for “discovering” this brilliant piece of information: recess is the best part of the day!

In the meantime, is there something I can take to reduce my compulsion to read endless numbers of health articles?



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One Response to “More recess, less restraint”

  1. louisamayalcatt Says:

    Love this. we ARE programmed to move, and like you, I’ve got to keep going, maybe that’s why i never fared so well at desk jobs, despite the benefit packages, xo LMA

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