35,000 guests, what a party

Hopkinton-20140421-02828If you’re thinking about throwing a marathon and inviting more than, say, 35,000 people, first you’ll want to make your town a complete fortress* —

Then, put up your biggest circus tents (which still won’t hold all of the partygoers)… and get an early start.


Because once you open the floodgates there’s no going back and rearranging the place settings.

Be sure there are lots of .. um .. facilities and stuff. Because they’ll need it.



Then they’ll run away and leave a mess. A REAL mess.


AN EPIC mess. (Thanks to volunteers the cast off clothing gets donated to charity!)


Fortunately many are nice people who say “thank you” a lot. Even when you’re not doing much.

So they’ll clog things up for a while on their way out of town. Make that a few miles worth of clogging…


Hopkinton-20140421-02826And leave us once again to our own devices.

If we didn’t have a sense of humor about all this it wouldn’t be worthwhile (which applies to the cop I worked with this morning at the athlete’s village who innocently said, “This has to be the safest place on earth today, there are so many cops here we’re bumping into each other.” Then he told me how much some were making for overtime on a holiday and I’m still reeling..)

*oops, about the fortress: I wasn’t screened by security until I had spent 6 hours in contact with thousands of people and walked a half-mile back toward my car among the crowds.. you’d think, for what they’re spending

What a great tradition! Let’s do it again next year!


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