A little lost but a great find

Seems like I can’t go anywhere without getting lost these days, and that’s not always a big problem except I’d rather get lost AFTER I find the woods rather than while looking for the trailhead.

This bout of getting lost goes back a year, when I started trying to find the elusive Mendon Town Forest. I’d read about it online, knew people had chiseled their names into a rock there a century ago… drove around and around and still couldn’t find it. Here’s the issue: there’s no indication from the road — even the road that dead-ends in the forest — that you’re in the right place.Fortunately I don’t give up easily. I kept telling myself Mendon’s too small a town to be lost in for long.. which is also why I spent time wandering through Millville and Uxbridge looking for this place.   Today was triumphant:mendon forest 2 030 mendon forest 634 mendon forest 636 mendon forest 637mendon forest 2 014 mendon forest 640  mendon forest 2 010

Triumphant yet technical (though the pictures don’t show much of the rock gardens and drops). Somebody has created a great range of trails that cover a LOT of acres here, and they’re very creative. I went through stone walls, over brooks, across bare rocks and up and down one of those slaloms that cuts across a ravine (the best way to describe it). Wow, what riding! I really never expected it. It’s like VietNam — just a little quieter.

And it reminded me that I can’t allow myself to get soft riding those fast and easy trails on the Cape.Just don’t ask me to help you find it.

Oh yeah, maybe this TINY LITTLE SIGN will help — it’s way up Tower Road near the fire tower (keep going even when you think you’re driving across someone’s front yard):

mendon forest 641


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One Response to “A little lost but a great find”

  1. Paul A. Doucette Says:


    We’re pleased to learn you have an interest in the Mendon Town Forest. The Mendon Town Forest Committee has worked on making this gem user friendly for several years. You will no longer have a problem locating the park. A parking area off Millville Road (not far from the Millville Town Line and before Tower Road going south) provides a place to leave your vehicle and features a kiosk with a large map showing the trails (approximately 8 miles of them) and historic foundations left by people who had lived and worked here. Once inside you can take advantage of the numerous trails which are named and marked with color coded arrows. In addition you can continue along an easement, granted by the Southwick Zoo, to Asylum Street and connect to the Meadowbrook and Cormier Woods recreational trails for even more.

    Please take time to look at the imposing stone walls and foundations left virtually untouched (except by nature) some going back to colonial times. You might like to see the Taft/Anchor Rock with carvings from April 1876 two months before Custer’s Last Stand. Funny how graffiti can become historic if one waits long enough. The foundations in the forest are well preserved disturbed only by plant growth and foundation stones which have fallen over time, although some may have been caused by human intervention during several selective cuttings in the forest.

    Hiking, mountain biking, horse riding, picnicking, cross-country skiing, snowshoeing, hunting are some of the activities which can be enjoyed in the town forest. Motorized vehicles such as motorbikes, snowmobiles, motorcycles are prohibited due to the potential damage caused to the trails.

    We hope you will spread the word after visiting this beautiful area so others may enjoy it as well. You are always welcome.

    Paul A. Doucette
    Town Forest Committee Member

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